Kiriaki (Kiki)

Kiriaki (Kiki)

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Kiriaki (Kiki) is the wife of Giannis, another taxi driver member of “CTB”. It is “family business” and Kiriaki (Kiki) has been driving the Taxi since 2012.
Kiriaki is an experienced and courteous driver and respects the traffic rules, obeys the speed limits and is familiar with all the local and cross-Crete routes.
She speaks English and drives a Mercedes E 220.
Furthermore, if you have small children (or a baby), you can be equipped with a baby seat free of charge. Finally, bear in mind that smoking is not allowed in the car.

Driver's car information

Car: Mercedes E 220

Mini Bus: -

Passengers: 4

Luggage small: 4

Luggage large: 4

Services / Features

  • Speaks English
  • Baby Seat
  • Airport Pickup
  • Clima

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