Omalos is a very well known mountain area. It is 40 km from Chania and while driving through a small but safe road we reach the Omalos village. At the elevation of 1100 meters Omalos has an amazing landscape . The Omalos plateau is surrounded by high mountains and has an area of 15 sq km. Here you will find places to eat local Cretan food and as well as places to stay since there are a few rooms that offer you a quiet place and also the ability to take walks around the village and explore the landscape. In a short distance you will find the entrance of the famous Samaria gorge and the mountain “Gigilos”.
For those who like hiking and want to dare a bit more you can take the path that will guide you to “Kallergi”, a shelter at the elevation of 1680 meters. If you manage to go there you can enjoy the sea from both sides. North and south.

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